Part of the Bout’chou series for kids from 2–4 years old
Inquisitiveness and the urge to discover are among the most obvious aptitudes of all children between the ages of two and four. «Bout’chou» connects with those qualities and leads children into a poetic world in which stories are told without words, with objects, and, of course, with lots of music. Different voyages of discovery, organised in cooperation with the Musée Dräi Eechelen, allow them to experience the world in a special way – through the eyes and ears of art.

Aqualina: Interactive musical performance for the very little.

Les haulz et les bas
Gesine Bänfer, Ian Harrisson chalémie, pommer, cornemuse
David Yacus sacqueboute
Pietro Gaudioso, Serena Galantemouvements
Dan Tanson conception, mise en scène
Julie Conrad Design Studio scenography
Alexandra Lichtenberger costumes
Production Philharmonie Luxembourg en coopération avec le Musée Dräi Eechelen – forteresse, histoire, identités

Video Lionel Boyer

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