CHANGING WITH YOU: What is time? How do we perceive time?
Humans and their environment are linked and in perpetual movement, constantly changing and evolving.
Finding inspiration in one particular plant, a calathea, for both its colour and its reaction to daylight - the leaves "go to sleep" in the evening and the colour of the plant changes over time when it's exposed to sunlight - we designed a watch that changes with you, over the years, in a well defined way. The intense red colour of the hands will make way for a more classical copper look and no two watches will be the same.
And as a designer, let me tell you that the look on the faces of the Swiss watch makers was priceless when we asked them to implement this feature - but it was a challenge they were glad to accept!

A bold colour choice is combined with a slightly tilted date window parallel to a line crossing the dial disk, separating it into a polished, brushed and a matt side.
I care especially about one particular design decision: to realise this effect of change in colour and appearance only by means of treatment of the brass dial disk. One piece of brass, one colour - right side brushed, left side sanded = right side shiny, left side matt = a subtle play with light.
The devil is in the details: even the crown reflects our spark of craziness with its tilted indentations and a wonderful red X.

LUXEMBOURGISH DESIGN, SWISS MADE: A projet born in the head of the passionate luxembourgish entrepreneur Georges Weyer, designed by Julie Conrad and @Aude_Legrand_artist and made in Switzerland by one of the leading swiss watch makers, the @LOXO_watch combines style and craftsmanship.
The logo, photos, videos and overall communication by @MaisonModerneluxembourg are the cherry on top of a wonderful project.

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