Interested in the combination of craftsmanship and industrial production, with a penchant for sustainable design solutions, I develop product and furniture collections, alongside a spectrum of other design projects. The marriage of material and function, coupled with a story-telling-approach, is at the heart of my creations.
I strive to develop products that have a low impact on the environment.
I reuse materials, produce locally and support people and businesses with the same values and goals.
Multidisciplinary - Loving challenges and varied projects, I handle and combine graphic and product design projects
Human-centred - I work hand in hand with my clients
Hands-on - Adoring everything material-related, all my projects are presented with samples, mock-ups and prototypes

Product design
Concept development, Production management, Scenography

Graphic design
Illustrations, Branding, Concept development, Packaging, Brochures & Annual reports

Consulting & Workshops

Furniture & Accessories
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26.04-26.05.2024 | Berlin Design Week | NEXT: Young European Design Perspectives | Museum of Decorative Arts / Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin | Loom Chairs
May - June 2025 | Worth Partnership Project | Incubator programme by the COSME Programme of the European Union including mentoring, funding and exhibitions
24 April | Speech | 10x6 New European Bauhaus by Paperjam+Delano Business Club
- | Design Luxembourg | Vice president
February | Artefacts | Acquired by the National Museum of Archeology, History and Art Luxembourg - MNAHA
- | Design Luxembourg | Treasurer
October | UNIQLO LUXEMBOURG | Custom commission of Loom chairs and side tables using their reclaimed fabrics
26 October | Opening VDL DESIGN HUB | 42-44 rue de Hollerich Luxembourg
23 September 2023 — 07 January 2024 | Exhibition Mir welle bleiwe wat mir ginn including the installation Artefacts | Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA)
June | Jury Prize winner | Luxembourg Design Awards | Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn - Anthology (Editorial Design)
Nominated projects: The McFly (Product Design) - Is(o)lands (Installation Design) - Artefacts (Installation Design)
30 May - 4 June | European Design Festival Luxembourg | Organiser: Design Luxembourg 

2017 - 2022
Worldwide | No taste for bad taste | exhibition showing 40 iconic contemporary french design pieces 
- | Design Luxembourg | Treasurer
January - September | VDL Pop-up Shop | 30 rue des Capucins Luxembourg City
February | Laureate 2022 | FD100 by Le FRENCH DESIGN
February | Winner | Prix de la Jeune Entrepreneuse 2021 - Young businesswoman award 2021 by Soroptimist Luxembourg
15 - 28 January | Installation ARTEFACTS | Luxembourgish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai | Exhibition Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn

December | Opening VDL Pop-up Shop | 30 rue des Capucins Luxembourg City
October | Keynote Speech | Powered Up Festival | ideas powered by EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
August | Le FRENCH DESIGN INCUBATEUR 2022 | CEGO, in partnership with editor PROgroup
30 June | Speaker | Participatory Art & Design beyond aesthetics | Kufa's Urban Art Esch
April | Competition winner in the interior design category with the project CEGO | Circular by Design, a circular design challenge run by Luxinnovation

February | Competition winner | 75 years Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

March | Luxembourg Representative | ideas powered by EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
January | Laureate 2019 | LE FD100 by VIA

September | Exhibition | Kulturhaus Niederanven
May | INTRO_product Design | Galerie beim Engel
10 January | Speech | 10x6 Passion by Paperjam Business Club

November | Launch of DONO collection "E Stéck vun der Bréck" and pop up store | Casino Luxembourg Forum d'Art contemporain
November | Member of the jury of the Luxembourgish book prize "Buchpräis"
July | Residency in Arles France | Galérie de Luppé together with the illustrator Lynn Cosyn
June | Artbox by RTL | 20min tv show
March | Stand | Springbreak for the Chamber of Commerce (Label Made in Luxembourg)
February | TV show featuring the Unpaper room divider | Maison France 5
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