Equipped with magnets in its tips, the DONO lampshade can transform its appearance and vary the light intensity according to your wishes.

Weight : 100 g
Colors : mix of red and white 
Each piece is unique
* Sold without lamp holder & light bulb. * Use LED light bulb
Adjustable accessories made from tarpaulin recovered after the renovation of the Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg.

DONO is a brand created in 2017 by Julie Conrad Design Studio, Coopérations and accentaigu. Conceived and developed in Luxembourg, it recovers and revalorises tarpaulin and other materials. This project values the concepts of upcycling and circular economy, which are incorporated in the name “DONO”, which means “After”. The first collection “E Stéck vun der Bréck” (a piece of the bridge) offers a series of three products made from the tarpaulin that covered the Adolphe bridge during the renovation period.

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