Combining the originality of a Luxembourg design with the excellence of a Swiss watch mechanism, the Loxo Model One is a precision automatic watch with a timeless and inimitable style. A timepiece inspired by the world of science and the arts.

Thanks to a unique technical process, the watch's hands react to UV rays and their color changes over time in a well defined way. The more it's worn, the more their color changes.

CHANGING WITH YOU: What is time? How do we perceive time?
Humans and their environment are linked and in perpetual movement, constantly changing and evolving.
Finding inspiration in one particular plant, a calathea, for both its colour and its reaction to daylight - the leaves "go to sleep" in the evening and the colour of the plant changes over time when it's exposed to sunlight - we designed a watch that changes with you, over the years, in a well defined way. The intense red colour of the hands will make way for a more classical copper look and no two watches will be the same. 
And as a designer, let me tell you that the look on the faces of the Swiss watch makers was priceless when we asked them to implement this feature - but it was a challenge they were glad to accept!

A bold colour choice is combined with a slightly tilted date window parallel to a line crossing the dial disk, separating it into a polished, brushed and a matt side. 
I care especially about one particular design decision: to realise this effect of change in colour and appearance only by means of treatment of the brass dial disk. One piece of brass, one colour - right side brushed, left side sanded = right side shiny, left side matt = a subtle play with light. 
The devil is in the details: even the crown reflects our spark of craziness with its tilted indentations and a wonderful red X.

LUXEMBOURGISH DESIGN, SWISS MADE: A projet born in the head of the passionate luxembourgish entrepreneur Georges Weyer, designed by Julie Conrad and Aude Legrand and made in Switzerland by one of the leading Swiss watch makers, the LOXO watch combines style and craftsmanship. 

The Loxo Model One is produced in a strictly limited edition of 300 pieces. 
Photos : Maison Moderne (Patricia Pitsch) ⎮ Videos : Maison Moderne ⎮ Illustrations : JCDS

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