A flexible and mobile scenography for 8 different Covid-19-related plays, articulated around 3 themes: [1] offer a platform to discuss the state of emergency [2] create a hymn to the forgotten of the crisis [3] make an inventory of beautiful things.

- Competition winner -

Everybody at home. Alone or in groups. As a couple. With a pet. With family. With friends. Everybody on his island.
Stressed. Calm. Silent. Panicked. Angry. In distress. In peace. Finally alone.
Don't let the virus enter. Don't let the fear enter. Don't let anybody enter. I miss my friends.
Everybody in his cage.
To hide. Observe what the neighbour is doing. Do like the neighbour is doing. Do as you want.
All together.
It will soon be over.
The second wave is coming.
Everybody is a castaway.
It's never been seen before.
We are here. We reach our hand out. Symbolically.
We sing. We applaud.
And the birds.
No more cars.
The mask seems to cover our soul.
But the eyes shine even more.
The world is still the same. It has completely changed.
I doubt.
I open my garden. I open my window. The sun is shining.
Don't forget me.
I'm still here.
The virus has struck everybody and it has forced us to change our habits. New rules have been imposed, changed, ignored. Every day, we reevaluate the situation, we ask ourselves where our freedom of action reaches our neighbour's boundaries.
What links us all, is that we are more careful. We are asked to stay at home. To protect ourselves.
A simple scenic design, pure, mobile - leaving room for the room and for stories to fill it.
The restrictions and physical separations become tools that the actors can use to interact.
The suspended platforms can land and float. They can be agitated or remain still. Protect or confine. They are islands that can form clusters. A semi-transparent fabric hides and reveals at the same time. A long tunnel, a cocoon, our tent but also a non-identified massive volume that you might get lost in.
Playing with oppositions:
The uncertainty of the situation in constant mutation that destroys old ways but that also forces us to open new doors.
The instability and the resting.
Islands that can limit our movements but they also drive us to discover new territories.
Indoor / outdoor.
Isolation / exploration.
What we have to lose, what we have lost and what we really care about.
Fear and hope.
Fear of death and happiness to be alive.
What's hidden and what's visible.
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
Le Monologue de la Vieille Reine
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
Intérieur Nuit Extérieur Kate
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
Wie ein König
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
How many moons, Dolores
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
Deliver us
©  Bohumil Kostohryz
The concept

In June 2020, with only a few days before the submission deadline, we decided to participate in the call for projects. 
In grand Covid style, the development of the project turned out to bear plenty of uncertainties and I ended up finalising our JCDS submission from a hotel room, on the go.
©  Julie Conrad Design Studio
©  Damiano Nigro

We make a constant conscious effort to keep our productions as eco-friendly as possible and we work locally most of the time. This scenic design has been produced in collaboration with the workshop of the Luxembourg Theatres.

©  Damiano Nigro
©  Damiano Nigro

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