Oeuvre is in constant communication with the civil society:
it recognises people's visions and initiatives, and can, as coordinator and facilitator, give the needed support to make them grow into projects.
This is represented by Oeuvre and its 75-year-old history in the middle, and (finished, current and future) projects belonging to their 5 fields of action rising up around it. 

"Since 75 years, Oeuvre makes colourful initiatives bloom."

- Competition winner -

•Adaptation of logo for the 75th anniversary (main logo by Bizart)
•Concept & slogan
•Official stamp by POST Luxembourg, release date 03.12.2019
•Adaptation of the visual on invitation for the 75-year-event, their 2020 calendar, Christmas card, event booths and signage
•Design of the event booths

© Shine A Light

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