When is a design finalized? When is it ready for production? Is there an in-between?
A chair as a loom: Julie Conrad and Norbert Brakonier set out to design a chair that combines a simple wooden frame and a soft textile seat, the former strong and permanent, the latter flexible and changeable.
Half of the design is finished and goes into production before the second part is defined.
The first structures will serve as an experimental basis for the designer, who will try out different weaving techniques, learn and change her mind from one chair to the next. Some of the chairs may be the start of a collection, others will remain one-offs, others will be taken apart and remade. And some will even be finished by the buyers, who knows? Where does the prototype end and the official edition begin?

Design: Julie Conrad
Production of wooden structure: Norbert Brakonier
Collection soon available at Maison Lucien Schweitzer

Photos: Pancake! Photography

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