Interested in the combination of craftsmanship and industrial production, with a penchant for sustainable design solutions, JCDS develops both product and furniture collections and graphic design projects. The marriage of material and function, coupled with a story-telling-approach, is at the heart of our creations.
We strive to develop products that have a low impact
on the environment.
We reuse materials, produce locally and support people and businesses with the same values and goals.
We are not perfect, but we want to be part of
a greener future.
​​​​​​​WE ARE
Multidisciplinary - Loving challenges and varied projects, we handle and combine graphic and product design projects
Human-centred - Our team is small and dedicated and we work hand in hand with our clients
Hands-on - Adoring everything material-related, all our projects are presented with samples, mock-ups and prototypes

Product design
Concept development, Production management, Scenography

Graphic design
Illustrations, Branding, Concept development, Packaging, Brochures & Annual reports

Consulting & Workshops

Furniture & Accessories

Main +352 691 620 720

- | Design Luxembourg | Treasurer
June | Jury Prize winner | Luxembourg Design Awards | Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn - Anthology (Editorial Design)
Nominated projects: The McFly (Product Design) - Is(o)lands (Installation Design) - Artefacts (Installation Design)
30 May - 4 June | European Design Festival Luxembourg | Organiser: Design Luxembourg 

2017 - 2022
Worldwide | No taste for bad taste | exhibition showing 40 iconic contemporary french design pieces 
- | Design Luxembourg | Treasurer
January - September | VDL Pop-up Shop | 30 rue des Capucins Luxembourg City
February | Laureate 2022 | FD100 by Le FRENCH DESIGN
February | Winner | Prix de la Jeune Entrepreneuse 2021 - Young businesswoman award 2021 by Soroptimist Luxembourg
15 - 28 January | Installation ARTEFACTS | Luxembourgish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai | Exhibition Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir ginn

December | Opening VDL Pop-up Shop | 30 rue des Capucins Luxembourg City
October | Keynote Speech | Powered Up Festival | ideas powered by EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
August | Le FRENCH DESIGN INCUBATEUR 2022 | CEGO, in partnership with editor PROgroup
30 June | Speaker | Participatory Art & Design beyond aesthetics | Kufa's Urban Art Esch
April | Competition winner in the interior design category with the project CEGO | Circular by Design, a circular design challenge run by Luxinnovation

February | Competition winner | 75 years Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

March | Luxembourg Representative | ideas powered by EUIPO European Union Intellectual Property Office
January | Laureate 2019 | LE FD100 by VIA

September | Exhibition | Kulturhaus Niederanven
May | INTRO_product Design | Galerie beim Engel
10 January | Speech | 10x6 Passion by Paperjam Business Club

November | Launch of DONO collection "E Stéck vun der Bréck" and pop up store | Casino Luxembourg Forum d'Art contemporain
November | Member of the jury of the Luxembourgish book prize "Buchpräis"
July | Residency in Arles France | Galérie de Luppé together with the illustrator Lynn Cosyn
June | Artbox by RTL | 20min tv show
March | Stand | Springbreak for the Chamber of Commerce (Label Made in Luxembourg)
February | TV show featuring the Unpaper room divider | Maison France 5
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Photos & video : Estelle Louise - Letz Shop
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